The Scottish branch was established a few years ago when it was shown there was an interest in Japanese gardens, old and new and it was felt this needed to be encouraged.   However, the branch had one very large obstacle to overcome and that was, of course, the area to be covered.   Scotland’s members can come from as far north as Skye, Attadale and Aberdeen and as far south as the Borders.   The total membership within the branch fluctuates but never reaches more than 30 which is a very small pool to draw upon.   Edinburgh is the headquarters of the branch and it became clear to the Committee early on, that this vast area with great travelling distances would cause difficulties unless efforts were made to organize visits to gardens throughout our area.   With this in mind, the Committee has been able to use contacts over Scotland to host a variety of interesting events, both hands-on and lectures by recognized experts.   These occasional events help to increase the knowledge of its members.   In this way the Committee uses itself as a forum for members seeking help and advice as well as listening to those who have something to offer by way of developing gardens and gardens already established.    

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