Annual Conference

National Conference and AGM 2020

The 2020 Conference will focus on the theme “The Art of the Japanese Landscape” and will be held in Japan House, Kensington High Street,  London on 10th October 2020.   

Outline details will be posted to this page, as soon as they become available.


National Conference and AGM 2019

The 2019 Conference was held at the Crown Hotel, Harrogate on 12th October 2019 which attracted over 90 delegates. The Theme was “Keeping Japanese gardens looking good” and focussed on the challenges of renovation and ongoing maintenance in three amazing Japanese style gardens in the UK.   Three excellent speakers (Kate White, Simon Tetlow and Robert Ketchell) provided an insight into the restoration of the Japanese garden at Cowden; the challenges for ongoing maintenance of the established Japanese garden at Tatton Park and the restoration of the Japanese garden at Cottered. 


National Conference and AGM 2018

The society’s National Conference and AGM was held at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff on 1 September. The conference marked the 25th anniversary of the society. The National Museum of Wales had been hosting an exhibition entitled Kizuna (meaning bond) over the summer celebrating the links between Japanese and Welsh culture and it was therefore opportune to hold the conference at the same venue during the exhibition run.

The theme of the conference was Japanese garden design – past, present and future. Over 80 delegates attended to hear talks from Yoko Kawaguchi, Robert Ketchell, Howard Healey and a panel discussion with Graham Hardman, Katie Croft and Robert Ketchell. Talks covered such themes as choosing the right rocks for a Japanese garden, a new trend of including deciduous trees in Japanese garden design, principles and perspectives of Japanese garden design, as well as a review of where the society has come from over the last 25 years and where it is going in the future.

The conference had the pleasure of receiving a visit from special guests, Minister Okada and Mr Shimizu from the Japanese Embassy, together with Mr Dunn, Honorary Consul for Japan in Wales and his wife.